Let's Learn Languages  

These teaching resources for early educators will be a delight to use together. Read adventures that teach languages and introduce other cultures.

Teachers, whānau and other educators will be able to use the books to use new words and talk about the topics shown in full colour though out each book created by Carolyn Collis.

By teaching children other languages you give children advantages in starting school. They also develop a lifelong curiosity and interest in reading in later life. By sharing reading with young children you can become part of their success and help build their self-esteem.

These resources in learning environments encourages a more inclusive approach to the diversity that is part of Aotearoa. Discovery of new ways of talking about things and taking an interest in other cultures is exciting to learners.

The books come in two sizes - the smaller size of 140 x 140mm suitable for little hands, the larger size of 280mm helpful for sharing reading with a group of readers.